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In the increasing complexity of product concepts, the demand for precision balls has become ever more diversified

Preciball Division

Manufacturing and trading
"Sourcing or making?" is therefore a question that is more relevant than ever. A question we answer every moment of every day in order to offer the most cost-effective solution for your product. That is why Saluc does not want to manufacture "any" ball type in "every" material or diameter. Many we do, practically all of them we supply, but quite a few of them nobody else does.

OEM design possibilities
Producing computer trackballs within colour limits the eye can hardly detect? Saluc supplies them on a zero default basis. Cast phenolic resin brings the cost down considerably compared to commonly used acetal? We have pioneered it to our customers' entire satisfaction.

Uncompromised quality
Forcing a supplier to take back the poor quality parts of his shipment? Our buying power makes it happen before the shipment reaches the customer.

And that is what makes our PRECIBALL division a real ball specialist, constantly bringing you experience, service and quality control in an intelligent way at the most interesting prices.

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