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More than 2000 different ball types are produced to customer specifications.

Preciball Division

Steel (chrome, carbon, stainless), brass, tungsten, carbide, bronze, aluminium balls... The synthetic ball line includes Delrin, Nylon, PP, PE, PUR, PTFE, acetal, phenolic resin, polyester, polystyrene, elastomers (e.g. PUR, Torlon, EPDM...), NBR, SBR, ceramic, glass...

Diameters / tolerances
The full line is available in both imperial and metric sizes, to AFBMA or DIN 5401 tolerances.

Full or hollow balls, floating, abrasive or magnetic balls, coated, coloured or transparent balls.

Ground, polished, drilled balls; engraved or silk-screened ball

Pumps, sprays, aerosol cans, agitators, sliding systems, bearings, grinding, polishing, valves, cosmetic, decoration, tracks, …

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