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.: New products - Super Aramith Pro-cup line

Super Aramith Pro-cup line

Super Aramith PRO-CUP Value Pack

  1. The Super Aramith Pro set, endorsed by federations and pool champions all over the world.
  2. The red dotted Pro-Cup Tournament Cue Ball.
  3. The Jimmy Rempe Training ball, well known to improve the skills of both beginners and advanced players.
  4. The Aramith Ball Cleaner, designed to keep the phenolic balls polished, lustrous and antistatic throughout their life.
  5. The Aramith Microfiber Cloth that dramatically optimizes the results of the Aramith Ball Cleaner.

Pool - Super Aramith PRO-CUP TV

Super Aramith PRO-CUP TV

Snooker -  Aramith Tournament Champion PRO-CUP


super Aramith Pro-Cup cue ball

Super Aramith Pro-Cup cue ball

The new reference in pool

  • Made out of the most advanced Aramith Pro-Cup phenolic resin
  • Used worldwide in virtually all official tournaments
  • Aramith's exclusive six red dot design.